Letter from Alicia de Larrocha to her aunt, Carolina de la Calle Montforte

Today,  May 23th, 1943, on the 20th anniversary on my existence, I can add to the concerts given, one in the Palau de  la Música of Barcelona. I wish to state that, even though I attribute my artistic career to my maestro Frank Marshall, there was one person who was always by my side, to make sure I studied and that each day I care more  for my maestro and the music. She sacrificed her youth to devote herself to me, and who has been happy just with the excitement to see me grow.

Many have not given importance to this fact (first of all herself), and moreover, have forgotten her imponderable way of proceeding with me. Because of that, it is convenient to notice that, even though my unsociable character prevents me from showing my affection and transmitting caring words, I will never stop acknowledging all you have done for me. Only a kind soul such as yours, can renounce the admiration of people for your merits, preferring the sweet satisfaction of being able to contemplate the fruit of your good work.

To my aunt Carolina de la Calle
“Nina mona” (Beautiful child)

Alicia de Larrocha de la Calle


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